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"So far and so close"

Saturday 12th December 2020 -  4:41 pm

The composer plays his work for guitar

Critical Comment

The complexity of Alex Rodriguez's musical life, as an instrumentalist and composer, has produced a peculiarwork for the concert guitar. I ascribe this uniqueness to Rodriguez's connection to Antonio Lauro's must daring aesthetic to be "Lauro's trait". Futhermore, Rodriguez incoporates subtle references to his intensive experience as a rock and jazz musician, specially in the use of the base line, by bringing an "off-center" tonal tendency towards rather modal tensions. In short, he achieves a personal melos, at once extremely contemporary while almost romantic at times, in a paradoxical, late-century sense. The whole unleashes a high level of complexity, with him taking full advantage of the resources of the instrument, delivered, nonetheless, with utmust simplicity, in this way, Alex Rodriguez brings strikingly singular achivement to the panorama of Latin American guitar music, while remaining anchored to his indisputable Venezuelan legacy. 

Dr. Alejandro Bruzual

Historian of Venezuelan Guitar Music

Alexandro Rodríguez - Venezuela